Sounding the Void: Imaging the Orchestra , V.1 (2019)


Bhavisha Panchia

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Sounding the Void: Imaging the Orchestra, V.1 was published to accompany the 2019 exhibition of the same name at A4 Arts Foundation, curated by Bhavisha Panchia.


From Panchia's essay:

"Listening is a practice which brings subjects into relation. It is that preliminary attention which allows for shifts in perception and signification; it is an act through which we construct meaning. Every day we consciously and unconsciously sift through an orchestra of sounds. Whether acoustic or electronic, sounds accompany us in private and public spaces, shape our experiences and movement, and have physical effects on our heart rate, respiration and blood pressure."


Read more about the exhibition here.


15.1 x 11.1 cm | pages | softcover