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Collage kits


Sitaara Ren Stodel

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The kit includes five original photographs, three risograph colours, paper to collage onto, gold thread, a metallic circle, a small piece of 'spider paper'and a list of collage prompts if you"re stuck. Each pack includes a signed postcard print of a digital collage 'Ducky Forever'

•Cut out images and shapes that you enjoy, try not to think too much about it.
•Pick out a cut out image that you are drawn to and start your collage from this image.
•Based off your chosen image, think about a colour palette for your artwork. I like to choose 2-4 main colours to create unity in the work. Adding bits of other colours as supporting roles to your main character colours is encouraged.
•Play with negative space. For example, I prefer to cut out a figure, leaving behind a trace of a person rather than collage with the image of a person.
•Don't be afraid of leaving space for your work to breathe, there is no need to fill the whole page (but you can also do this!).
•Use sewing to highlight areas that are otherwise too quiet, or to draw your eye across the page.
•Layering images on top of each other creates depth.
•Look at horizon lines in photographs and blocks of colour and try to link them together to create a new narrative.
•Don't stick down anything immediately, first map out your collage, take a photograph of it, and assess. If you are happy with it, secure it with glue.
•Have fun!