'Cape Town Memories of the 60s'  (2012)

'Cape Town Memories of the 60s' (2012)


Günther Komnick

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 From the publisher:

"Award-winning photographer and graphic artist Günther Komnick's latest publication is Cape Town Memories of the '60s – a collection of evocative images of life in Cape Town's Bo-Kaap and District Six fifty years ago.

Walking the cobbled streets with his camera at that time, he focused on the vibrant everyday existence of the people who called the heart of Cape Town their home. As South Africa's political storms were raging, they strove to continue their everyday existence in peace and harmony: women hanging out their washing, men having a haircut, children playing games."

Günther Komnick (b.1929) was born in East Germany, and is a survivor of a WWII Russian labour camp. After escaping to the West, he qualified as a lithographer and graphic artist and settled in South Africa in 1956. He has received many accolades, among them awards for advertising. Günther has twice won the CP Hoogenhout gold medal for children’s book illustrations and is a Life Associate of the prestigious Royal Photographic Society.

30.1 x 30.3 cm | hardcover