'Errant Journal Issue #1, Autumn/Winter 2020  WHEN ARE WE?'

'Errant Journal Issue #1, Autumn/Winter 2020 WHEN ARE WE?'


A4 Arts Foundation / proto~

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The first issue of Errant Journal critically examines the concept of the ‘contemporary’ and questions time’s claim to universality. Titled When Are We? this issue is about the politics of time and the way in which we have internalized the idea of the present, of what is modern, contemporary and now, and how these concepts are riddled with contradictions and based on mechanisms of exclusion.

With contributions by: Narda Alvarado, Season Butler, Irene de Craen, Shona Mei Findlay, Sophie Hoyle, Remy Jungerman, Rajkamal Kahlon, A.K. Kaiza, Lara Khaldi, Yazan Khalili, Vera Mey, Rasheedah Phillips, Mark M. Smith, Rolando Vázquez