Georgia Munnik Holdfast

proto~ | Georgia Munnik

proto~ presents new artworks and utility objects by Georgia Munnik.

On the occasion of her launch at proto~, Georgia Munnik presents her Holdfast ‘Outside Organ’ Tees, Hartford Carriers, and the Book of Invocations for Joy limited print series.

From the artist:

“The title of the Holdfast collection refers to the thick, entangled roots of kelp, which fasten themselves in and around rocks on the ocean floor. The name ‘holdfast’ is prescriptive of its ecological function: to hold the organism in place. This collection considers the potential future ecological function of plastic as a holdfast knot braiding itself into organic bodies and fastening them as kelp does to hold itself to the ocean floor.”  


The illustration on each Hartford Carrier is a digital drawing of Munnik’s original Hartford Light-box Sculpture, also on display in proto~ alongside A book written for the viruses in your body, from which the Book of Invocations for Joy limited print series is taken. 


Working across mediums and modes, Georgia Munnik (b.1990) explores "weird ecological speculation as an exercise in the untranslatability of nature." Central to her practice is the construction of fictional narratives proposed by the coincidence of natural objects and fibres with artificial materials – among them plastic, ink, carbon paper, and books on biology.